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Summer work



Will be the summer work required to do for the students?
I’d like to write about the summer work, because I want to work in summer, but very difficult to some any I searched for the obligatory summer work’s positive and negative points.
“The summer work will be compulsory for the high school student”-said a newspaper. I think it’s a good idea, because in this way the children will know the real life and learn responsibility. And the most important thing: they’ll know how to use the money and the value of money. The internship is becoming one of the elemental requirements to get a job.
But there are some negative points too. Most often the students can work as a manual worker. So it is impossible to find any job for the children who want to an white collar job (e.g.: doctor, teacher,...etc.). Some group of children won’t have the job that they would like to have.
The employers and the student workers have to keep many specially instructions. For example the employers have to give 12 hours rest time to the scholar one day, and another rule said the student must have 2 days off and one of them must to be on Sunday.
In summer everybody wants to have a rest. Our body needs relaxing! We mustn’t overburden our nervous system.
To sum up I listed some positive points and some negative points. But I still think the summer work for high-school students is a very good idea.


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